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What is Vocal Technique?

Why do I need to know it?

Circa. 2013 Recording Studio

"What is Vocal Technique? And why do I need to know it?"

A response you may or may not hear often from a #singer who thinks their talent is enough. At 18, I was that girl. I had no idea what it took to sing. I never had any training other than the music programs I participated in through public school. These days a lot of children are fortunate to afford those luxuries, I on the other hand was not. Honestly, I don't believe it was even something I thought of doing. I wanted to go to a school like UCLA on a Softball scholarship. That is a whole other story, I was clearly unfocused. Most children who were getting that type of training were primarily singing #Classical/#Opera. At the time, that wasn't something I thought was for me.

As I grew wiser I began to learn more about #singing, who am I kidding? I just came to the realization about a month ago. What triggered this final step of my full comprehension of the term? One nice afternoon at the park with my children. My 20-month old son, Aidan, was climbing up the metal climbing poles, quite dangerous I know but we were right beside him. I started thinking to myself there is a better technique for that Aidan. I repeated that thought: Technique! Aha moment! A more efficient way at doing something. For all those who already knew that thank you for staying with me. If ya didn't now ya do!

Aidan climbing

Its not that I never knew, it was there I understood it to some extent but it finally came to my conscious mind. I know, I know-- some of you are like enough with the anecdote already give me to good stuff. Well here it goes, the good stuff!

The Good Stuff

“I am all about efficiency!”

#Vocaltechnique is not some mysterious prized gift handed to you from taking private lessons. You have to put in work. It is something you learn and develop through your practice of singing. It is not that you were ever doing it wrong, but maybe you were. Maybe you do need some extra help because your struggling with nasality, or singing in tune. Your having a hard time hitting some notes, or you just don't have your desired tone. That is where a voice teacher comes in and helps correct those issues you may be having. Vocal technique is being trained on a more efficient way to #sing. I am all about efficiency! Work smarter, not harder as someone use to say to me. For those who sing naturally with no issues, great! For those who need a little extra help, find yourself a voice teacher. Not just any voice teacher, make sure they are well versed in the style/genre of music you want to sing. Voice teachers, vocal pedagogues like myself, are here to help you perform the task in a more efficient way.

Is there a one way proper technique at doing things. Depends on who you ask! When it comes to #contemporarycommercialsinging there is not always one way. You have to find what way works for you to achieve your goal. A great teacher will be able to help you do that. They will use many different strategies in their tool belt to get you to where you need to go.

“Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

Get Inspired

Now that you know what vocal technique is and why you may or may not need technical help, go sing! Go out there and get #inspired to sing your best song. Whether that be by watching others sing or by experiencing life on your own. Let the muse take you away to a creative land that you have yet to go. Be original, show off your style, and tell your story through #song. Farewell my readers, until we meet again!


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