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Voice Care Team

What is a "Voice Care Team"? When should I seek one out?

Working towards #vocalfreedom? As we continue to #spreadtheknowledge of #VocalHealthAwareness I'd like to start off strong with the #vocalhealthtips

VOICE CARE TEAM, what is it?

A voice care team is a team of professionals who are skillfully trained in the care of professional voice users.


In the event that you are experiencing #vocalhealth symptoms that are lasting longer than 2-3 weeks please seek out a #VoiceCareTeam


A Medicinae Doctor, MD, who is board-certified in Otolaryngology and Laryngology with experience working with professional voice users.


A speech-language pathologist who is trained as a voice therapist for vocal rehabilitation, pre-op therapy, and post-op therapy. Also, someone who has experience with professional voice users including singers. Combined with the efforts of the ENT the voice therapist will aid in the recovery process of surgical voice disorder procedures.


Someone like myself, who is knowledgeable in voice disorders and aiding in the recovery process. Someone who has experience working within a voice care team to help with the rehabilitation of the singing voice. A voice teacher will supplement the rehabilitation therapy you are receiving with a voice therapist. A voice teacher doe not replace the therapy you'll receive with a voice therapist.

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