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  • MM in Vocal Pedagogy Contemporary Commercial Music, Shenandoah University

  • CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute Certificate Session: I, II, III, Shenandoah University

  • BA in Musicology specializing in Classical Voice Performance, The Ohio State University

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Free Your Voice Studio is owned and operated by Senobia. Our philosophy at Free Your Voice Studio is simple. We strive to teach singers of all levels how to access their own unique sound by freeing up their voice. What do I mean by free up the voice? Our daily lives influence our sound whether its us trying to imitate a song on the radio or the sound of our favorite audience. My job as your teacher is to bring you to a peaceful atmosphere helping you access your sound by getting you out of your own way.

In addition to in studio voice lessons, the studio also offers online voice lessons, beginner piano lessons, and theory classes to advance your musicianship. We schedule by semester but have monthly payment plans. A popular package for the young adults wishing to explore a career in performing is our Performance package.

Lesson Structure:
A weekly one-hour lesson is recommended. During the first half of the lesson, students begin to develop functional technique through a series of vocal exercises. This part of the lesson may also include sight-singing as well as music theory. The second half of the lesson gives students an opportunity to explore performance technique and various vocal styles through repertoire.



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