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WHAT students SAY


Cross-over Training
Classical to Contemporary

From the moment I read about Senobia on her website, I knew she would be the voice teacher for me!  As a life-long singer and as a professional who uses my voice on a daily basis working as a speech-language pathologist, I was beyond thrilled to find a teacher with extensive knowledge about both vocal health AND singing!  More importantly, not only is she helping me free my voice, she is also helping me find my voice through experimentation- I love my lessons!  Senobia is a non-judgmental, encouraging, knowledgeable, and professional teacher who is SO accessible and approachable to her students. 

She is simply the best!  


Musical Theatre

Senobia is fantastic and my daughter really enjoyed her session. We will continue to use her. She gets to know what your goals are and really works to get you there. Hands down, fantastic!


Vocal Habilitation

I knew Senobia was the right teacher for me within moments of meeting her. She has a lightness of being that just melted away my nervousness about taking lessons. As an adult beginner, I really didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at her ability to be both professional and fun at the same time. She makes sure I'm growing each lesson, but also stays sensitive to whatever unique challenges I may have. I see improvement in myself with each lesson, and have her to thank for the progress I'm starting to be proud of. I would highly-recommend her to anyone. She is a professional, will make sure lessons are comfortable and fun, and is just all around a great person. I can tell she genuinely cares about my progress and growth, and I look forward to each new lesson.

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